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Why washing machine must clean & disinfect?

Increases personal & family hygiene level

Remove GERMS and VIRUS

Decrease major sickness

Get rid of dirt and unpleasant odor

Insufficient Sunlight ultraviolet disinfection

How often should clean washing machine?

When was the last time we cleaned our washing machine? It's necessary to clean all of our home appliances at least once a year, even those that use water to clean other things. If we are confident our current cleaning method can reach cleanliness and hygiene level then is good. If we are not so sure, engage a professional team to prove to us our solution is correct plus free knowledge from them to achieve cleanliness and hygiene level we require.

Type of service

Onside Inspection & Diagnostic Test

Thorough Cleaning & Sanitizing

Repairing and Installing Washing Machine

We all want to live in a clean indoor environment, but of course there are degrees of “clean” and different requirements for “clean,” depending on the living space targeted. The “clean your room” chore given to children generally refers to straightening up and organizing stray objects into drawers, closets and onto shelves.

It might involve dusting and vacuuming, but it is decidedly different from cleaning a bathroom or kitchen where germs present a more obvious risk.


On the other hand, refers to killing a high percentage of the germs on a surface or rendering them incapable of reproducing. Sanitizing is another relevant term in this discussion. According to, sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. The process works by either cleaning or disinfection to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Type of service

Workshop Cleaning Services



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