Q&A About Disinfection Spray

How disinfection done?
We using most high efficient fine molecule fogging spraying system. Unlike conventional type fogging system reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

What ingredient being used in the treatment?

Treatments being used are medical and food grade, it's definitely safe and harmless including babies or elderly. For more information, please download our Product Information and Safety sheet. We guarantee 99.99% effectiveness of our treatments.

How long treatment takes?

Disinfection time will take approximately 25 to 40 mins (including site setup) for 1200 square feet depend on treated area layout. Curing time takes 15-20 mins to complete disinfection.

How long treatment will last?
For all treated surfaces, protection will last up to 3 months , if the surface is not aggressively touched. Once a treated surface has been compromised it will not be protected – so we recommend Professional Disinfection in conjunction with a long-term disinfection plan. We can help on these solutions.

Does your team properly protected their safety?
All our technicians wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the treatment process. This ensure our own protection as well as to reduce risk of cross-contamination to customer.

Where is the coverage service in Malaysia?

We can cover Northern and central region - Penang island and mainland area, as well as KL and Selangor area.

What is your coverage sector?

  • Commercial Buildings (offices and factories)
  • Residential (apartments, condominium, landed property)
  • School and college ( nursery, pre-school, primary, secondary or university)
  • Treatment price
  • Product and safety datasheet

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